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Welcome to Leisure Battery Shop - the place to buy your next caravan battery, boat battery, camper van battery or RV battery. We stock all major brands of leisure battery, giving you a wide range to choose from to fit your exact requirement.

Camper, Boat and Lesiure Batteries

Leisure Batteries

Leisure batteries come in two voltages; 12 Volt and the very unusual 6 Volt. We stock just one 6 Volt battery by Lifeline but all others are 12 Volt.

Leisure Batteries have a rating known as Ah or Ampere Hour. This is a measure of how much energy a battery can hold. The higher this figure, the longer the battery will last between charges. The theory is that if you are pulling 1 amp out of a 10Ah battery it should last for ten hours.

Our most popular leisure batteries are the Numax XV range and the Exide Gel range. Examples of these are the Numax CXV31MF Sealed Leisure Battery and the premium Exide G80 Gel Leisure Battery.

LeisureBatteryShop is a showcase for the most popular leisure batteries that we stock.

Battery Chargers

We have a vast selection of leisure battery chargers suitable for the whole range of leisure batteries that we sell. Our most popular chargers are the CTEK XS3600 Battery Charger and Conditioner for batteries of 36Ah and Up, and the Numax 10 Amp Leisure Battery Charger for larger batteries of 100Ah and up.