Numax Caravan and Leisure Batteries

Numax standard leisure batteries are available in two distinct sizes, a 75Ah Battery which replaces the old Numax L85 battery; and 95Ah battery which replaces the old Numax L110 battery. Both of these batteries are now fully sealed for life meaning they are maintenance free. This means that you no longer have to top the levels up with de-ionised water. A change that can be welcomed! Being sealed, these batteries are also safer than ever to handle.

Both of these batteries outperform their predecessors by some considerable margin, making them a great value purchase if you can't stretch to the Numax CXV range.

As with all leisure batteries, it is imperative that these batteries are not left discharged for any period of time. Your batteries should be kept charged immediately after use. The reason for this is that if left discharged, the battery's internal plates build a coating on them known as sulphation. This leads to the battery building a resistance to holding a charge and in some cases prevents it holding a charge at all. To prevent this situation, charge the battery monthly, or when not in use connect to an automatic charger such as the excellent CTEK XS3600 battery conditioner and charger.

Numax Caravan and Leisure Battery Range